Individual Counselling - 60 minute individual sessions are available to individuals experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, relational concerns, struggles with fertility, perinatal mental health difficulties, illness or challenging life transitions. If you are considering making some changes in your life to feel better, or work through some difficult issues, it would be a privilege to support you. I will listen to your story and help you make a plan to create change in yourself and your relationships.

Relationship Counselling - 75 minute sessions are intended to support individuals to attend counselling with a significant person they are in relationship with with a goal of understanding each other better and to re-create meaningful lives together. Perhaps you are looking to reconnect, work through a challenging transition, challenge negative interactional patterns or repair a significant disappointment. Vanessa is available to facilitate emotional safety in these sessions and support you to work through these struggles towards reconnection. Vanessa is open to working with adult(s) in intimate partner relationships, family members and significant others.

Retreats and Workshops - Full day and multi day workshops and retreats for new couples, pregnant women, and new parents coming in Spring 2022!

Areas of specialization (please expand below to read more):

  • Fertility

Dealing with infertility and medical treatment can be an emotionally difficult experience. Individuals and couples can benefit from having access to caring and compassionate support while on this challenging journey. Examples of experiences in which counselling can be beneficial:

-Actively undergoing IUI or IVF Treatment

-Participating in 3rd party reproduction such as sperm donor, egg donor or surrogacy

-Experiencing pregnancy loss

  • Perinatal Mental Health

The journey of pregnancy, birth and parenthood may be more difficult than you anticipated, and you may be looking for support. Many parents may struggle in pregnancy or after the birth of their baby(s) with: birth trauma, overwhelm, worry, sadness, intrusive or scary thoughts, anxiety, adjustment to parenting, and/or depression.

During pregnancy women may experience; fear of childbirth, fear of parenting, feeling uncertain about wanting children and having unwanted thoughts about past medical trauma.

Short term counselling has been shown to be very effective for perinatal mood concerns and birth trauma for both partners and as a family. Vanessa will meet with you (individually or with your partner) and discuss what you need right now to help you (you may bring baby). A safe place will be provided to talk about your struggles and fears. We will discuss your experiences and symptoms and make a plan for relief. Vanessa may provide education about post partum depression, birth trauma and/or anxiety.

Vanessa can make necessary referral to community and/or medical services.

  • Birth Trauma

What is birth trauma? Approximately 40% of people feel their birth was traumatic or disappointing in some way. Some examples of experiences are:

-You may have felt in danger

-You may have felt your baby was in danger

-You had a pre-term baby

-You had a lot of intervention during your birth

-You may have felt not listened to or cared for

-Difficulty telling your birth story or have anger/resentment when hearing others birth story

-You are preparing for another birth and are still struggling with experiences from a previous birth

-You feel very triggered near the anniversary of your baby’s birth and or loss

If you have had these experiences and are triggered emotionally or ruminating on your experience it is very helpful to access counselling. Counselling will provide you with someone listen to you, without judgment, and help process this important story, and bring new meaning or healing to what you have experienced. Vanessa will use talk-therapy so you can move through things you feel stuck on, vivid memories, and triggers